She told us she might come, between Thanksgiving with her family on the East Coast and her yoga retreat in Nicaragua. But you just never know about these things. We certainly didn’t want to get the kids’ hopes up too much.

At first we were going to try to meet in the Bay Islands because it is easiest to get to. Then we weren’t sure we were going to get out of the river because of the weather so we thought she might meet us in Guatemala. But it is a 7 hour bus ride from the city and that is too much for a short trip. Someone told us Placencia was an easier place to check into in Belize, so we decided that it was feasible for her to meet us here.

While we are sailing through a storm, Margi buys her ticket. When we are finally able to get internet in Placencia, we find out she is arriving the next day, Monday.

The boys are ecstatic. They have a very deep bond with Margi and really miss having friends around. We spend Monday cleaning the boat and clearing space for Margi in Graysen’s room. She won’t arrive until after 7pm, which seems like an eternity.

Matt goes to the dock to get her while I begin the slow process of putting the boys to bed. They are too excited to sleep, however, and are still awake when she finally gets back to the boat. She goes in to give them kisses and they can finally rest.

It is wonderful to see her again. I really miss having friends around as well. We stay up way too late, catching up.

After a morning trip to town, we pull up the anchor and head for the cays. Belize’s long barrier reef protects the many islands and makes sailing smooth and snorkeling superb. The sun is shining bright and the wind is light. There is no trace of the storms we were in just a few days ago.

We anchor up at Long Cocoa Cay, between a reef and a point that is supposed to have good fishing. The next day we load up in the dingy to go explore the island. The boys are not quite ready for snorkeling, but the adults take turns getting out. We see rays, bright reef fish, and a 5-foot barracuda.

Graysen and Rylan collect snails for dinner. We had some at a French restaurant for my birthday and they loved them. I’m a little skeptical, but somehow Matt makes butter and garlic infused snails that taste exactly like the restaurant.


Before we know it, it is time to head back. There is no wind so we have to motor. After lunch we decide to kill the motor and go swimming in the calm water. It is wild to be floating out in the middle of the ocean, next to our boat.

We hit happy hour in town and go out for a wonderful dinner. Somehow, the boys convince us to hit the gelato shop. We are making the most of every minute we have left with Margi. Eventually we have to head back to the boat and get the kids to bed, but the adults stay up late.

We hear manatees or dolphins swim by the boat, but we can’t see them in the dark. They are saying hello and goodbye to Margi. Thanks for a sweet visit, great conversation, and bringing a fresh perspective to our trip!


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