Back to Beatrice

It’s 1am and we are driving through San Pedro Sula in a pickup truck, all our bags full of things for the boat are in the back. Frank, our driver and owner of the hostel where we are going, suddenly tenses and says, “OK guys, I’m going to run this red light because there is a car behind me without its lights on.” It takes me a minute to register what he’s said and by the time I look back, the car is gone. Graysen, ever observant, pipes in, “What are you looking at, mama?”

Oh nothing, we are just driving through the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere in the middle of the night. Thankfully we had the foresight to arrange for Frank to pick us up. I remind myself that the next time I book tickets to look closer at arrival times.

This Spirit Airlines airfare was not as cheap as it appeared anyway with all the extra fees for our bags. Somehow we managed to pack 4 bags that were exactly 40 pounds each, the maximum allowable weight. This is a far cry from when Matt and I traveled with tiny backpacks, but we just needed so many things for the boat.

We make it to the hostel just fine and are shown to our “family room” with a double bed and a bunch of bunk beds all around it. We finally get the kids settled into bed and collapse into a travel-induced stupor.

Unfortunately, Rylan got plenty of sleep on the airport and plane and gets up at 5am. We don’t really have any breakfast food so I give him animal crackers and plantain chips. Breakfast of champions. I try to keep him quiet and finally take him out to the common area to play with his trucks. It seems like hours later that Matt and Graysen finally wake up.

Matt goes out to try to find food and/or money but he is unsuccessful. Our shuttle is coming at 10, so we decide we can make it with snacks until we get back to Guatemala. The shuttle comes early and the bags get piled in. 3 hours and a border crossing later, tired and hungry, we stumble into the Sundog for some pizza and cold drinks.


When we are satiated, we pile the bags into a launch and get a ride back to the boat. When Beatrice comes into view, a strange sense of both relief and apprehension washes over me. This is our home for now but I’m not quite sure where it will take us.  We don’t have much of a plan except to go sailing for a while. I guess that is just all a part of the adventure!


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