5 Essential Road Trip Items

It’s hard to believe the 4 of us spent 7 months in a 16ft travel trailer. At times it seemed cramped and at other times it felt like we had all we could ever need. Of course it is great to travel light, but there are certain things that make a big difference in comfort and happiness.  If you are considering an adventure like ours, here are 5 things you will want to take along.

  1. Hammock– I ordered a super lightweight double hammock off Amazon that we use all the time. It folds up to the size of a softball, is easy to put up and difficult for the boys to fall out of, although they have managed to.
  2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker– Music can soothe out a bad day or pump up a good one. We also use it when we watch movies on the computer and hardly notice the small screen. When the stereo in the car broke, we even brought it in with us to listen to music and stories in the car.
  3. Hydroflask– We have both a water bottle and a coffee mug, and I love them both. I lost my new mug the second day of the trip and it wasn’t until San Diego that I got another one.  It was totally worth it!  I use it every day and it keeps my coffee hot while I deal with the kids. The water bottle keeps my water cool all day long, which isn’t easy in the heat!
  4. Aeropress Coffee Maker– This little contraption is great for camping or traveling of any kind.  It makes fantastic coffee, and is plastic so it won’t break.  You put coffee and hot water in, fasten the top with a tiny paper or reusable metal filter in it, wait one minute, then press it through.  It is fast, easy, and not messy.
  5. Hand-held Blender– We actually left ours in Alaska, because we were trying to go “light,” but I missed it so much, I made Matt get me a new one. Smoothies, soups, sauces, and salsa, the hand-held blender is essential!IMG_3517



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