Deciding and Revising

We decided to go south from Sayulita.  We have been trying to get to Oaxaca since our first trip to Central America in 2004.  On that trip we started in Costa Rica and headed north, only to find a sailboat in Rio Dulce, Guatemala which derailed our plans.  That is a story for another time, but suffice to say, we did not make it to Oaxaca on that trip, nor any of our other Mexican vacations.  Since we have come all this way and are so close (well, only another 20 hours of driving time down the coast,) we should follow through.

A few days down the road, we are camping at Tenacacita Slabs, a short, narrow stretch of beach between two bays. The road goes between two knolls, and it used to go across the spit up to another knoll. According to Google maps there used to be a restaurant and a hotel there.  You can still see the power poles, but there are no lines, and the road has been completely covered over in deep sand.

There also used to be a campground here. There are some concrete slabs that used to function as a place to park, but the sand has become too deep that we don’t dare drive out on it with our trailer.  Instead we boondock just at the end of the road in an area protected from the winds by the knolls.

Unfortunately, without the wind it is hot, muggy, and buggy. Is this what it is going to be like driving down the coast?  It is spring, so it will only get hotter as summer approaches. Perhaps we should have left Sayulita sooner…

I make an eggplant pasta for dinner and we bring it out to the beach to eat in the breeze. “Maybe you and the boys should go see your family for Easter,” Matt says. “We have some frequent flier miles.”  He knows I am worried about my dad, who has Parkinson’s, and my mom, who is dealing with him changing.  My brother Paul and his wife Donna will be visiting from Oregon so it would be a good time.


Leaving our trip and heading back to Alaska seems so strange.  A reverse vacation? But the more I think about it, the more I think it would be good.  My parents are worried about me, so it would be good to put their minds to ease.  I also want to make sure the kids have as much chance to connect with my dad while he still can.

After the kids go to bed, Matt and I spend a few hours looking into plane tickets.  We can fly out of Guadalajara pretty cheaply.  It will mean changing our route from the coast, but at least it won’t be so hot and muggy.  I finally complete the reservations after midnight. It is late but I’m so excited I can’t sleep. I text my brother Marc: “Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I am coming up to surprise the family for Easter! I need you to be my insider.” He comes back: “No way! You crazy girl!”



2 thoughts on “Deciding and Revising

  1. I just rec’d this post, Saskia. Are you and the boys still in Alaska? If so, any plans for an open visit so I (and surely others!) can pop on by briefly to say hello and get/give hugs?


  2. Great altered plan! I understand your deep heart motive as my dad too is dealing with Parkinson’s. Blessed are the hearts that adapt to the winds of change and follow their hearts. A most sweet surprise Easter coming up!


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