Choose Your Own Adventure

It feels strange to be leaving Sayulita, driving down these crowded cobblestone streets that we have come to know so well. We didn’t intend to stay here 6 weeks, it just sort of happened that way.

First, we had a few different friends here for a month total. It was so nice to see them and spend time with them. Then we needed to finish our website, We had intended to get it live last fall, but found it difficult to work while traveling, so we decided we would not leave Sayulita until it was done. We made friends at the trailer park, and Graysen and Rylan especially enjoyed playing with the other kids. Then there was maintenance on the truck and trailer that had to be done, and of course some sick days where we all took turns running to the toilet.

But perhaps one of the biggest reasons we haven’t left is that we don’t know where we are going. We are not sure whether we should keep going south (knowing that we will eventually want to come back north again) or just head back up towards the states now. We have no set plan for our travels or where we will end up.

Everyone we tell this to thinks it is exciting. They tell us they would love to have the freedom to make that choice. Surely it is exciting, but also it is a bit stressful. How will we support ourselves?  When and where will we land? We had hoped to earn a little money along the way from our website, but so far it is off to a slow start.

So when we get to the main highway, which way do we turn? Left leads us back to the US and everything familiar. We can find our new home, settle in, build a garden and find some way to support ourselves. Right leads us further down the rabbit hole, a journey into the unknown. The two roads may end up in the same place, but likely they will not.

Which would you choose?

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2 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. This may not help your (very understandable) stress but here it is: You can choose, and you can choose again. Meaning none of your choices is a terminal choice. If it’s not the “right” choice, choose again. And best wishes!


  2. On the road with you now until end of August. First night camp at Elephant Butte State Park. Got a sweet deal on a season pass, so I’ll be in Southern NM for awhile if you come this way. Renya will meet up with me in WA in May. It would be so great to cross paths. Till then, happy trails!

    Love and Peace,


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