Sayulita Part 3

I’m hanging out with the kids at our fantastic boondocking spot, when Matt comes back from doing some internet work in Sayulita. “I think we should move into town,” he says.

“What??? Why? I love our spot out here!” I reply, confused.

“Well, I found out the trailer park in town is only $25 per night. We would be in town, on the beach, have internet, and it will be much easier to see our friends while they are still here.”

I’m pretty surprised Matt is even suggesting this, as we have been so happy with our little paradise. But as we talk more, it seems like not such a bad idea. We can walk to the French bakery and the cheap pizza place. No negotiating who is going to take the kids and the car, or driving back into town for one little thing we forgot.

We go into town to check it out. A dozen spots separated by greenery surround a palm-tree filled grass and sand courtyard overlooking the ocean. People are out of their trailers talking to one another. Then I see two tanned kids in their underwear, similar ages to Graysen and Rylan, and perhaps even dirtier. They look like great playmates.

I know in my heart that more than solitude, Graysen and Rylan need to connect with their Alaskan friends as well as their own peers. So the next day, we unceremoniously pack up and leave our lovely camp. We can always come back if we want, we tell ourselves.

We drive our trailer through the crowded streets of town and make our way to the trailer park. We choose one of the available spots and there are suddenly three people offering to help us back in. Everyone is super friendly, introducing themselves and welcoming us. It is undoubtedly the warmest welcome we have ever gotten.


It’s Friday so Matt sends me to the farmer’s market with the kids so he can get set up. At the market we run into multiple friends, and enjoy some great food, music, and people watching. We buy some jack fruit, salad greens, and a mushroom and cheese empanada. Graysen and Rylan seem a little overwhelmed with all the people and so many gringo kids.

After nap the boys meet the other kids in the trailer park. Xochi is 4 and her little brother Mixtlei is 1.5. They are staying here while their parents build a house for them. Naz (2) and his cousin Luka (3) don’t live in the trailer park, but their grandma does, so they are frequent visitors.

As I watch the kids play, I know we made a good choice. Our friends will only be in town a few more days and we want to spend as much time with them before they leave as we can. We still have a lot of work to do to get our website online, and it will really help to have solid internet and a nice space to work.  The best part is seeing how much the boys enjoy playing with the other children.  There are bound to be struggles, but that is how they learn to get along.



One thought on “Sayulita Part 3

  1. Hello, you all! Just did an Internet search to learn more about where you are: The secret’s out on Sayulita, a popular Mexican beach town. I am SO loving this vicarious trip made with the four of you. THANK YOU for sharing.


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