The Big House

As we approach Sayulita, it feels as if the road is closing in on us. After the endless desert in the Baja, the vegetation feels claustrophobic. It has been a long day and we are really looking forward to Sayulita, where we are renting a house for a week with a friend. It will be so great to get a break from the trailer. The road winds up and down hills and our pace is slow. We cheer when we see the sign for Sayulita.


It’s been 3 years since we were in Sayulita last, but this time we are driving through town with our trailer. There are people everywhere making it difficult to drive and it is a minor miracle that we find a place to park only 4 blocks away from where we are supposed to pick up the keys for the house.

It is a complete shock to see so many gringos in one place. The density of nice-looking restaurants, cafes and shops is a little overwhelming. It almost doesn’t feel like we are in Mexico anymore.

We are following our host through the town when some people walking towards us notice our license plate. “Those people are from Alaska!” I hear them say. As we draw closer, I recognize one person in the group. “Martin! How are you?” I’ve known Martin since I was a kid and am good friends with his sister. We chat briefly but have to keep going.

Our house is a little out of town. The only noise is from the birds. The house is spacious and airy. The kids have their own bedroom up some ladder-like stairs. Our bedroom has its own bathroom, a sitting area with a TV, and sliding doors that open onto the patio where the pool is. It feels a bit ridiculous after being in the trailer for so long. What will we do with all the space?


The kids are not asking themselves the same question… they are running and exploring everywhere. There is a big sandbox, swings, slide, and a zip line but even just running around the house is fun for them.  They watch birds and find geckos and cool bugs.

We unpack the trailer and clean it. It takes a day and a half and 7 loads of laundry. Our friend Amy arrives the next day and we spend the week relaxing, going to the beach and into town to eat and drink and shop. The kids LOVE having Auntie Amy around, and we LOVE having a friend to talk to and another adult around to help with the kids. It feels like a different trip. Something more like a vacation than our transient lifestyle.

At the end of our time together we put Amy on the plane back to her job in Alaska and get ready to move back into the trailer. The adventure is not ending, just changing once again!


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