The Kortmans

We are checking out camping spots at Cabo Pulmo when I see two boys run up to a little concrete structure and disappear. Kids! I am probably more excited than Graysen and Rylan. I resist the urge to run over and interrogate them, and instead we follow Matt up the beach to where he has parked the trailer.

It is just beyond the motor-home where the kids came from, on a little 3-foot tall bluff over looking the beach. Much of the beach is covered with rocks, but there is a nice sandy spot in front of us. Our campsite is sheltered from the wind by some bushes, making it very private. There is a little shrine with a candle, seashells, and a saint of some kind. Behind this and nestled in the bushes is a sandy area where we set up the blanket for the kids to play.



After we get settled in, I notice there is a girl and a boy playing down at the beach on the rocks. I take Graysen and Rylan down to meet them. Alia is 9 and Josiah is 8. They are making a trough with the rocks to catch the water as the waves crash over. Alia gives me the rundown on her family. Thys is 5 and Zander is 3. Their last name is the Kortmans and her mom is Becky and her father is Paul. They are from Michigan but traveling indefinitely.

After a bit, Becky comes and joins us on the beach. The kids are having a great time playing together. We have so much to talk about that we almost miss lunch. I promise the kids that they can play together more after Graysen and Rylan have their naps.

We stay 4 days and wish we could stay longer. We paddle board, snorkel, and go on walks. The whales are breeching way out beyond the bay every day.  We have cell service (internet) so we can get some work done.  The camping area is quiet, and best of all, it’s free.



The kids play together every chance they get. I am thankful for some extra time without children, and when I go to retrieve them for meals, I have great conversations with their parents. They are about as nice as it gets. Every family needs this support, at least some of the time. That’s why Becky and Paul have created NomadTogether, a website for families living location independent lifestyles.

Unfortunately, the time comes when we must go to La Paz to catch our ferry to the mainland. We decide to keep in touch and try to meet up again if we can!

IMG_5137 (1)



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