Graysen’s Birthday

It’s 2pm and we’ve just found a campsite at Morro Bay State Park. We were worried that we might not be able to find a spot because it is a weekend, but our loop without full hookups is virtually empty. Matt unhooks the trailer and is off again to find provisions. It is Graysen’s birthday, and besides a few gifts his grandparents sent to us at our Willits stop, we have nothing for him. Matt’s job is to find something yummy for dinner, a small cake or cupcakes, and some sort of gift.

It kills me to have to buy a cake because I always bake their birthday cakes in the shape of something fun; a pig, a snowman, or a rooster. I cut the sugar and double the fun. Graysen wanted a mouse this year, but I’m kind of stuck without an oven. It will be a small party with just the family, but at least we don’t have to make bags with party favors.

IMG_4467It hasn’t been a bad birthday so far. Graysen has been wearing his birthday crown since he woke up. I made him French toast with sautéed apples for breakfast and then we met another family traveling with two boys almost the same ages as Graysen and Rylan. They had a fun time playing together while the parents compared notes. It was really the first other traveling family we have met on our trip, and it was really nice for all of us.

IMG_4476.jpgOn our way south we stopped at an elephant seal sanctuary and saw tons of huge beasts hauled out on the beach. The boys were mesmerized by their every movement. Later on down the road, Graysen said he saw a zebra. Two zebras, to be exact. “Are you sure,” we asked? “It wasn’t a horse or a cow?” “No, it had stripes. It was definitely a zebra.” We chalked it up to his vivid imagination, but later we learned that there are actually naturalized zebras in the area, left over from the Hearst Castle’s wildlife park.

We grill some pork and potatoes for dinner, which we eat outside by candlelight. Matt takes the kids on a walk while I wash the plates and forks and get the party ready. I wrap up the Etch-A Sketch Matt found after going to 5 stores, and I put 4 candles on the little carrot cake he bought. And of course, we can’t forget Graysen’s favorite, the ice cream! After Rylan goes to bed we let Graysen stay up and we read books around the fire. It isn’t such a bad birthday after all!



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