We are (not) RVers

It’s 4pm and we finally made it to Long Beach, WA. It is only a few hours from Seattle, but somehow it took us almost 6 hours. A stop at Trader Joe’s, lunch, multiple potty stops, and a few potty accidents slow us down.  We are very thankful for the bathroom, running water, and extra clothes we tow behind us, and are looking for a quiet place to chill after a few hectic days in the city.

Long Beach has RV parks scattered down the main road so we assume it will be quick and easy to find a spot and set up camp.  Yet, none of them look good to us. Big parking lots with hook-ups, a picnic table, and a sliver of grass, if you are lucky. Where will the kids run and play? Some have a swing-set, but there is no natural area, nothing to inspire creative play.

We pull into a couple parks and drive around. They seem OK, just a little soulless.  It would be great to have internet, but at what price?  The kids are going crazy and are ready to get out of the car, but we just can’t bring ourselves to stay in any of these places.

Finally, we decide to head for the State Park nearby, Cape Disappointment.  The mood in the car lifts as we set off towards the park. As we wind through a thick forest, unsure of what we will find, a sense of adventure kicks in, and Graysen and Rylan are singing.

IMG_3703We find a campsite with a view of the waves crashing ashore but with protection from the sea breeze from the dunes and low-growing trees. I take the boys out to the beach while Matt sets up camp. Graysen and Rylan immediately find a driftwood fort and start playing.  The wind is whipping but they seem not to notice.  I breathe the sea air in deeply and enjoy the dark clouds racing across the sky.  A lighthouse sits on a cliff above the sea.

“Mama, You wan’ pi-ha?” Rylan asks.  “What kind?” I want to know.  “eh-eh-roni” he replies.  “Yes please! My favorite!”  He pours some sand into my hand as I pretend to eat it.  “Yum, yum!”

IMG_3705“Mama, mama, I made ice cream! It’s blueberry coffee!” Graysen says proudly.  “Wow, I’ve never had that kind before, can I try it?”  “Here!”  “Mmmm, I always like to try something new!”

The beauty and pleasure of Cape Disappointment remind us that although it is nice to occasionally plug in, it is often nicer to opt out.



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