Day Two

When we wake up in our gravel pullout the world is white.  We can’t stay there so we start driving.  Slowly.  We pass about 3 other cars and a dead caribou on our way to Tok.  The snow stops and the road improves.  The kids and I run up and down a hill at a rest stop, trampling frozen cranberries glistening in the snow.  They are not ready to go but we are still in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_3267They let us into Canada and thankfully don’t ask us if we have any fruits or vegetables or a large chunk of prosciutto in our trailer.  We make it to an RV park with washrooms, wifi, and free firewood.  We feel like we’ve made it.  Matt and Graysen sit by the fire while I put Rylan to sleep.  Graysen goes to bed and is out in 30 seconds. We watch a sappy movie and I’m all tears.  A sobbing mess. The northern lights are out so Matt and I go outside and stare up at the sky. The green light dances above our heads, reminding us that we are alive. Reminding us to take a deep breath and keep following our dreams.


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