The Plan

IMG_1452Everyone keeps asking us what our plan is. “Wait, you’re selling your house…what?” It seems crazy only because we have spent the last 8 years improving it. Turning it from a run-down rental into a thriving urban homestead and sideline business. But Matt and I are designers and developers. Once it is done, where is the challenge? We had outgrown it. Time to move on with pride in a job well done and tons of lessons learned.

We could have rented it out, but that comes with it’s own headaches. It would be especially difficult to find tenants willing and capable of taking care of the gardens and all the other homestead systems. Besides that, we felt like we really needed to let go of the house to make room for something else. The market for duplexes was up, so we figured we would cash out. I have to say this was an extremely difficult and emotional decision to make, and yet it feels liberating.

IMG_3402We bought a 16-foot travel trailer. It has bunks for the kids and dinette which folds into a bed for us. It has a tiny bathroom, refrigerator, sink, and two-burner stove. It takes me 30 minutes to clean it. There is no garden to tend, no preserves to make, and no chickens to feed.

“You’re going where?” The destination isn’t important; the point is the journey. Matt wanted to go to the tip of South America, I talked him back to Panama, (What if we can’t stand living in a trailer with two toddlers?) but in reality, it doesn’t really matter. We want to take it slow, visit friends and family, see places we’ve always wanted to go, get into nature, and spend time as a family. When we are ready to plant our roots back down, we can do that. We might make it back to Alaska to live or we might not.

This vague plan is a bit unsettling at times. It makes it hard to pack and difficult to let people know when we will arrive in a certain place. But it gives us a lot of flexibility as well. We don’t have to drive 400 miles a day. We can go at our own pace, stopping to rest or explore whenever we want to.

IMG_3391“How can you go on vacation for a whole year? Don’t you have to work like everyone else?” Well, it’s not exactly a vacation. Matt and I are no strangers to hard work, but we are not exactly 9-to-5ers. We are taking the Green Thumb gardening course curriculum I developed over the past 6 years and creating an online teacher training. We want to enable others to become regenerative entrepreneurs. Our first training will start in January, so stay tuned!


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