The Decision

I could blame it on my brother. It was an article he sent us about a family that was traveling to Tierra Del Fuego in a Vanagan that prompted Matt to burst out of his office saying “Let’s do it!”

I knew exactly what he was talking about because in reality we had been building up to this for a long time. After 7 years of doing energy ratings, Matt no longer felt challenged and was ready to move on. I couldn’t figure out a way to expand my gardening workshops at the Williams Street Farmhouse, and we seemed to be outgrowing the house itself as well. We tried to figure out ways to adapt the house to meet our needs, but nothing seemed right. We talked and talked about how to move forward, but we were so entrenched in our everyday life that it seemed impossible to gain perspective.

I enthusiastically agreed to the trip. Travel feels enlivening and enriching to me, especially when it is challenging. I knew it would help us get unstuck and refocus our energy. What I didn’t quite consider was that we would need to sell the house and shed most of our belongings to create space in our lives for Whatever is next.

IMG_9387On that drab early spring day when we committed ourselves to going on a road trip, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We saw our family driving carefree down the road, visiting friends, camping in the woods, and exploring tide pools on the beach. We didn’t think about the sheer number of hours it would take to divest ourselves of our home and our extra belongings. We didn’t fully realize how difficult it would be to leave our first home, the one we poured our hearts and souls into, the one where our children were born. We didn’t see the tears in our eyes as we waved goodbye to our friends and families. Perhaps it is better that we didn’t consider all this because then we might not have left, and we would have missed out on this grand adventure.


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